Outdoor Adventures at Florblanca Resort

Florblanca Resort – Adventure from Florblanca Resort on Vimeo.

Florblanca Resort is the perfect jumping off point for all your Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica adventures.  In addition to our daily yoga practice and Pilates equipment studio, Florblanca can arrange for amazing outdoor adventures that allow you to explore the area and gain a unique, truly insider perspective.

In an earlier post, we discussed our Mountain Biking Adventure led by Monica that takes you through riverbeds and streams, farmland, fields, hills, beaches and the ocean – all right from our backyard.  That excursion is such a wonderful way to get close up and personal with our environment and truly defines Sustainable Tourism and Eco-Travel.

Another popular excursion at Florblanca is horseback riding through neighboring Caletas Ario Nature Reserve. Our staff will arrange a guided trip for you to explore this secluded, undeveloped stretch of coastline on the Nicoya Peninsula. This area is a Wildlife Reserve and is host to four species of sea turtles who make their nests on these beaches, including the endangered leatherback sea turtle.  Horseback riding through the wilderness and beaches of this nature reserve is truly a unique and special experience that you’ll want to come back for year after year.

If you love hiking or trekking, then let us show you the way to some of the most beautiful, wild, and adventurous treks in the Nicoya Peninsula. The video above highlights one of our favorite hikes to a glorious waterfall, popular with brave adventurers who jump and dive into the deep pool.

If you head out for a hike or a horseback riding trip, arrange with our staff for a packed lunch to take with you so you can enjoy the entire day out in the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

Other outdoor adventures at Florblanca include surfing and stand up paddleboarding (SUP) in the Pacific Ocean, right outside your private villa.  Fishing in Mal Pais is a popular excursion with the added bonus of bringing home your lunch or dinner!  The chefs at Nectar Restaurant will prepare your fresh catch for you upon request.  We can also arrange for an ATV tour of Mal Pais and the Montezuma Waterfall or ahike around Curu Wildlife Refuge with a boat trip to  Tortuga Island for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing on the white sand beach.  Read about all of the activities you can enjoy during your Florblanca vacation.

Book your Florblanca reservation today and be sure to let us know about your interest in adventure travel so we can help make arrangements during your stay.

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World Oral Health Day Celebration

The following is a note from our Sustainability Director, Maricel Segura regarding our recent Oral Health Day Celebration in Santa Teresa (scroll down to see the same message in Spanish):

world oral health day collage 1024x768 World Oral Health Day Celebration

On 20 March, Florblanca celebrated World Oral Health Day with children from different schools of the community.

With the help of Marcela Contreras (a local Santa Teresa dentist), Hotel Florblanca along with Latitude 10 Pranamar Villas and Greenworld Store, participated by contributing a healthy snack for at least 300 children.

Our World Health Day celebration was a huge success! Both the children and local businesses showed great interest and enthusiasm in the initiative and we all truly appreciated the work of Marcela (Alma Restaurant) in the dental health education she provided.

This event was proof that a community working together can achieve amazing things!


En Español:

El pasado 20 de marzo se celebro el día mundial de la salud buco-dental, junto con los niños de las diferentes escuelas de la comunidad. En colaboración con la iniciativa de Marcela Contreras, dentista de la comunidad de Santa Teresa, se organizo una charla educativa y merienda saludable para al menos 300 niños.

La actividad se llevo de manera exitosa en un ambiente de gran interés de parte de los niños y el entusiasmo de la empresa privada (Hotel Florblanca, Latitud 10, Pranamar Villas, Greenworld Store) quienes donaron la fruta para preparar las meriendas y por supuesto la labor de Marcela (Alma Restaurante) en el proceso educativo que se llevo a cabo.

Una prueba de que la comunidad unida puede lograr cosas maravillosas!


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Fresh Coconut Water and a New Smoothie Menu at Florblanca

coconut water Fresh Coconut Water and a New Smoothie Menu at Florblanca

Nectar at Florblanca is serving up fresh coconut water for our guests and they are loving it! This tropical treat has become popular around the world both for its flavor and its health benefits.  Lucky for  us at Florblanca in Costa Rica, we have an abundance of this natural ingredient here in our backyard.

Coconut “water” is actually the juice inside the coconut (not to be confused with coconut milk which is a blend of coconut water and grated coconut). It is known to have a healthy blend of carbohydrates, potassium, sodium, and calcium and has been touted as hydrating – and is definitely refreshing.  Our guests enjoy sipping on fresh coconut water after a yoga or Pilates session, post-surfing, or after a run along the beach.

Another healthy and refreshing treat our guests enjoy after more vigorous activities (which can be found aplenty at Florblanca), or after a spa treatment, or simply while relaxing, is a fresh smoothie.  We have an all new smoothie menu at Nectar Restaurant, featuring tropical fruits picked fresh off the tree.  Our smoothies are the perfect way to indulge while treating your body right and being kind to the environment.  So many positive benefits in just one drink!

Coconut water and fresh smoothies are just two of the ways that Nectar and Florblanca are going the extra mile to deliver unique, beneficial and healthy options for our guests.  We also prioritize farm to table and hook to fork menu items at Nectar so we’re supporting our community, our environment, and our guests with the best quality food available.  Read more about our cuisine at Nectar.

Book your Florblanca reservation today and ask about making your vacation sustainable and healthy!

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Nectar Chosen Among Top 10 Best Restaurants in Costa Rica

Florblanca Resort – Dishes from Florblanca Resort on Vimeo.

Florblanca and the staff of Nectar Restaurant are so proud to be chosen among the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Costa Rica, alongside amazing restaurants – including Tin-jo, Ginger and Lubnan – in all of Costa Rica.

The list was published in the Travel Guide by Costa Rican Vacations travel agency.  It celebrates Costa Rica’s diverse restaurant scene and highlights their favorite dining establishments throughout our country.  Here is what they have to say about Nectar:

The elegant Nectar is housed in Florblanca, one of the Nicoya Peninsula’s top boutique hotels, and offers a diverse menu and elegant ambiance – and an oceanside locale, where you’re almost close enough to bury your toes in the sand. The restaurant’s motto – from hook to fork, from farm to table – tells of its commitment to fresh, local cuisine. The menu changes nightly and specials usually feature the catch-of-the-day, Costa Rican grass-fed beef, and other tempting dishes.

Nectar serves fusion cuisine with Latin, Mediterranean and Asian influences.  We take great pride in featuring fresh, local farm-to-table and hook-to-fork dishes morning, noon, and night.  This way we support our neighbors, our community, our dedication to sustainable tourism, and our environment. It also ensures that we serve the best quality food possible to our guests.

Nectar Chef Norman Roqhuett creates our menus which feature the freshest seasonal and organic ingredients in both light and more hearty fare. Explore our smoothie menu for breakfast, lunch, or a post-surfing or yoga snack made with picked-off-the-tree tropical fruits. You won’t want to miss our sushi and tapas bar menu to help you take advantage of the gorgeous sunset hour.  Then enjoy dinner choices from our Crudo (raw), Pequeño (small) and Grande (big) dinner menus.

You can read the full Top 10 Costa Rican Restaurants article here: Best Restaurants in Costa Rica – Check out our selection!

And follow Nectar Restaurant at Florblanca on Facebook for  mouth-watering photos of their latest dishes and to learn more about news and events happening at Nectar.

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Mountain Biking Adventures at Florblanca Resort

Florblanca Resort – Mountain Biking from Florblanca Resort on Vimeo.

Florblanca Resort is so excited to now offer Mountain Biking Adventures in our area of Santa Teresa in the Nicoya Peninsula.  Our Mountain Bike Adventures with Monica can be geared to any level of biker, from the very beginner to the extreme advanced rider.  Regardless of your skill level, our Mountain Bike Tours provide you with the opportunity to explore beautiful Santa Teresa and Nicoya Peninsula in our area of Costa Rica.

This is truly eco-tourism at it’s best!  Mountain Biking at Florblanca gets our visitors exploring the back roads, farms, jungles, and beaches of Santa Teresa.  It requires very little equipment and setup, leaves very little footprint, and is great exercise.

Our Mountain Biking leader, Monica, is truly passionate about the sport and is extremely knowledgeable about our trails.  She has competed in many local races and twice in La Ruta de los Conquistadores famous adventure race.  We are so honored to have Monica leading our tours.

The video above is a wonderful introduction to our Mountain Biking Adventure.  You can choose this as an activity when you reserve your villa or when you check in.   You can also choose a Fitness Adventure Retreat package with scheduled mountain biking tours and other activities throughout the week.

Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you out on the trails!

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Welcoming Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves of Marysia SWIM to Florblanca

MARYSIA SWIM COSTA RICA PACKING LIST 590x1024 Welcoming Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves of Marysia SWIM to FlorblancaOne of our favorite frequent visitors to Florblanca is Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves and her beautiful family.  Marysia is the designer behind Marysia SWIM, a boutique line of swimsuits and resort wear for women.

She calls Florblanca “my favorite place on earth.”  Marysia, her husband, and two daughters find everything they need for a perfect family vacation at Florblanca.  In a feature published in Conde Nast Traveller in May 2013, she said of our Costa Rica resort: “It’s heavenly – I can watch my daughter play in the tidal pools while my husband surfs nearby.”

We are so excited to welcome Marysia and her family back for a week’s vacation and respite from this snowy, icy winter they’re experiencing in NYC.  What a perfect time for a visit!

Marysia posted the following in her blog:

I have not been to a place that had it all..(for us at least)….so I’m super excited to go back to this paradise. I plan to ride a horse on the beach on my b-day and surf with my husband on Valentine’s day.

Sounds wonderful!  Welcome back, Marysia, and enjoy your tropical Costa Rica paradise.

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GQ France Picks Florblanca in Ten Most Beautiful Spa Hotels in the World

gq france florblanca resort costa rica 1024x477 GQ France Picks Florblanca in Ten Most Beautiful Spa Hotels in the World

GQ Magazine in France recently published a feature to help readers find some of the best winter getaways in paradise.  Out of The 10 Most Beautiful Spa Hotels of the World chosen by GQ, Florblanca Resort in Costa Rica was chosen as #5.

The feature introduces the retreat options offered by Florblanca, including the Fitness Adventure Retreat and the Pilates Retreat and it attests to our ability to ensure a “complete break with the stress of everyday life.”

Our retreats are a wonderful way to organize your visit so that you’re able to take advantage of all the pampering, services, adventure and wellness options we have to offer as well as the spectacular beach and lush rainforests that surround our resort.

The Fitness Adventure Retreat includes guided mountain bike rides, pilates, yoga, surf and SUP sessions, and a 60 minute massage at Spa Bambu.

The Pilate Retreat is divided into 2 options – Adventure & Fitness and the Wellness Package.  Both include Pilates and yoga sessions and spa treatments while the Wellness Package offers Pilates equipment classes and the Adventure & Fitness Package offers 4 outdoor activities.

We are so honored to have been chosen by GQ Magazine in France as one of the most beautiful spa resorts in the world!  We invite you to book your visit for a winter getaway that will revive, rejuvenate and inspire.

Read the full feature here: The 10 Most Beautiful Spa Hotels of the World – GQ Magazine


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Nectar Restaurant Featured in La Republica

la repulica article Nectar Restaurant Featured in La Republica

Nectar Restaurant at Florblanca Resort was featured in La Republica,  the leading business and economics newspaper of Costa Rica.  The article talks about Nectar’s focus on local fresh ingredients and their Farm to Table and Hook to Fork initiatives. The article also introduces Chef Norman and sushi master Pablo.

Here is an excerpt from the article in Spanish:

El restaurante de este bello hotel en Santa Teresa ofrece platos sin excesos que se inspiran en un denominador común: ingredientes frescos …

El hotel posee un restaurante cuyo estilo es relajado, elegante, delicioso y atendido por un ecléctico personal profesional y absolutamente encantador.

Igual es el menú una selección de platos que sin excesos, de manera delicada y a la vez muy bien ejecutados, balanceados y al punto, se inspiran en un denominador común, ingredientes frescos (el pescado no es congelado, es del día), haciendo eco del principio culinario que está en boga y que se denomina “farm to table”, de la granja a la mesa, o en este caso también “hook to table”, del anzuelo a la mesa. El chef Norman, un cartaginés, y su equipo, un grupo de profesionales dedicados de la zona, trabajan con esmero y pasión.

Here is the translation of the excerpt into English:

The restaurant of this fine hotel in Santa Teresa offers without excess dishes that are inspired by a common denominator: fresh ingredients …

The hotel has a restaurant whose style is relaxed, elegant, delicious and served by a professional staff eclectic and absolutely charming.

Same is the menu a selection of dishes without excess, in delicate yet very well executed, balanced and to the point, are based on a common denominator, fresh ingredients (the fish is not frozen, it is the day), echoing culinary principle is in vogue and is called “farm to table” from farm to table, or in this case also “hook to table”, the hook to the table. The chef Norman, a Carthaginian, and his team, a group of dedicated professionals in the area, work with dedication and passion.

You can read the full article here: “Néctar” en Flor Blanca.

Learn more about Nectar Restaurant on our website or watch a video here: Florblanca Resort – Dishes.

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Featured Costa Rican Artist at Florblanca

Dayans Art 300x225 Featured Costa Rican Artist at Florblanca

Florblanca Resort is proud to feature the work of Costa Rican artist, Dayan Alvarado.  His colorful pieces are hanging in our private, beachfront villas and truly enhance the organic, native theme of the villa designs.

We recently had the chance to speak with Dayan about his background, his art, and his inspiration. Here is some information about the artist (in Spanish & translated to English) as well as the transcript from our interview:

Artista costarricense nacido en la provincia de Cartago en 1980. Desde muy peque;o demostro interes por crear cosas y el uso de los colores .Su primera obra maestra la creo a su 11 a;os. Aunque su conocimiento ha sido adquirido de manera autodidacta en materia de arte ,su amor y dedicacion por las artes plasticas ha permitido que se mantenga en constante aprendizaje y produccion de sus obras.

Dayan es una persona muy orgullosa de sus raices y origenes por tal razon sus pinturas muestran un reflejo de la cultura costarricense y es algo que quiere compartir y transmitir al resto del mundo con su labor artistica.

Dayan Alvarado 238x300 Featured Costa Rican Artist at FlorblancaA continuacion agregamos una peque;a entrevista para conocer mas detalles de esta gran artista

He was born in Cartago, Costa Rica in 1980. Since he was very young, he was interested in creating things and the use of colors. He made his first master piece when he was 11 years old. He is an autodidact artist but even though he did not assist to art school, his love for painting keeps him learning and producing.

He feels very proud about his roots, and his paintings are a reflection of the influence of Costa Rican culture and that is something he wants to share with the rest of the world with his artwork.

Below we add a small interview for more details of this great artist

¿Cómo inicia usted en el arte?

Desde niño hacia dibujos en los cuadernos de la escuela, en las esquinas en las hojas de atras, y cuando debía hacer poster siempre trataba de que fueran hermosos y coloridos.

From my childhood… drawing in school notebooks, in the corners leaves, and when he had homeworks always tried to make it beautiful and colorful.

Que motor inspira su obra?

Todo lo que me rodea me inspira de diferentes maneras, las formas, los colores, como da la luz en los objetos, los lugares hermosos, las personas, las historias… Todo me aporta algo de inspiración.

Everything around me inspires me in different ways, shapes, colors, and gives light on objects, beautiful places, people, stories … Everything gives me some inspiration.

¿Se siente que ha logrado sus objetivos?

Mi objetivo en general es ser feliz y cuando pinto lo soy. Osea si!

My overall goal is to be happy and when I paint I am. I mean yes!

¿Cómo formaría usted a nuevos artistas?

Yo soy autodidacta, y no tengo una gran formación, pero si podría ayudar a los artistas a creer en si mismos y amar lo que hacen, a sentirse felices mientras pintan y orgullosos de sus obras.

I am self taught on this, and I never had a great training, but if you could help artists to believe in themselves and love what they do, to feel happy and proud of they paints and works.

¿Cómo definiría usted a su técnica y a su escuela?

Mi técnica es mixta, me gusta el realismo y la abstracción figurativa… esas son las que mas me definen.

My technique is mixed, I like the realism and figurative abstraction … those are the ones I feel define me.

¿Cómo se promociona el arte en su país?

En este país es muy difícil ser artista por que la gente a pesar de apreciar los trabajos no precisamente logran adquirirlos. Pero las exposiciones individuales y grupales son una linda y buena forma de promocionarlos ademas de las redes sociales.

In this country it is very difficult to be an artist because people appreciate art but this does not means people acquire works. But individual and group exhibitions are a pretty good way to promote them and also social networks

¿Que cambios considera que necesita Costa Rica en materia artística?

Costa Rica necesita aprender a apreciar todas las expresiones artísticas un poco mas y el fútbol un poco menos!, impulsar a los artistas con actividades o remuneración, ya que nosotros los artistas aportamos un poco de identidad a nuestro país.

The “ticos” need to learn to appreciate all the expressionsa little more artistic than the football! Impulse the artists with activities or remuneration because we contribute to bring some identity to our country.

¿Qué ha sido el arte en su vida?

El arte en mi vida…. NO… El arte ES mi vida. Es lo que soy, en lo que me destaco y lo que me hace sentirme especial y feliz de ser quien soy.

The art in my life ?…. NO … The art IS my life!. It’s what I am, my spotlight and what makes me feel special and happy to be who I am.

We are certain our guests will enjoy Dayan’s artwork as much as we do.  His creativity, spirit, and unique perspective truly shine through in each piece.  If you have your own questions for Dayan or would like to learn more about him, please let us know!

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Florblanca Beach Clean Up

Limpieza playa noviembre 2013 023 225x300 Florblanca Beach Clean UpFlorblanca Resort is proud to announce that we recently completed the first project in our Beach Clean Up Initiative.

As an oceanfront resort, we strive to maintain the “Blue Flag” by keeping our beaches clean. The Costa Rica Blue Flag Ecological Program extols the environmental protection efforts and practices of local organizations, schools, and citizens.  Florblanca Resort is an active participant in the Blue Flag program and our Beach Clean Up day helped first and foremost to clear debris and remove harmful trash from the beach, but it also brought together members of our community and resort guests in a positive, unified clean up effort.  Events like this help build community and raise awareness about the importance of protecting our environment.

We asked Maricel Segura, Sustainability Director at Florblanca, to describe the Beach Clean Up Day for us.  Here is what she had to say:

On 16 November, the first beach cleanup of the 2013-14 season was performed.
We are enormously grateful to who participated in the activity:

-Daniela Vargas y su esposo (Restaurant Manager)
-Clariselda Roque (Kitchen)
-Veronica Wessel (Reservation Manager)
-Sofia Mora (Hermosa Valley School)

And a very special thanks to our guests Diane Henry and Terrye Underwood to take a space on your vacations to be part of this initiative, you made the difference!!

Thank you to Maricel for organizing this effort and to everyone who participated. It is truly an important initiative and we look forward to future Beach Clean Up events.

Limpieza playa noviembre 2013 025 300x225 Florblanca Beach Clean Up Limpieza playa noviembre 2013 024 300x225 Florblanca Beach Clean Up Limpieza playa noviembre 2013 022 300x225 Florblanca Beach Clean Up

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