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We are so excited to share our most recent Florblanca Experience video with you.  Meet our people, see our accommodations and activities, and learn what makes Florblanca such a unique and incomparable experience.

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What Makes Costa Rica So Spectacular in the Green Season? Here are our Top 5 Reasons.

The “Green” Season, as it’s known here in Costa Rica, is the time between August and November when we tend to get more rainfall, generally during the evening or nighttime. This season means different things to different people and to us here at Florblanca, it means it’s a great time to visit.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Florblanca During the Green Season:

1. Beauty

More rainfall means that our landscape and surrounding rainforest is even more lush, vibrant, and beautiful than ever. Our native wildlife is also more active during this time to take advantage of the blooming trees, shrubbery, and flowers. Birders will absolutely love the Green Season at Florblanca.Florblanca Beach What Makes Costa Rica So Spectacular in the Green Season?  Here are our Top 5 Reasons.

2. Peace

When you visit us during the Green Season, you get the chance to experience our community like a local. Crowds are thinned out and life along our beaches settles into a peaceful, mellow, and happy way of life. Come enjoy our slice of paradise with the locals.baby sea turtles 1024x562 What Makes Costa Rica So Spectacular in the Green Season?  Here are our Top 5 Reasons.

3. Wellness

With fewer visitors here, it’s a perfect time to focus in on your yoga and Pilates practice. We offer daily yoga practice in our open air dojo as well as Pilates mat classes and private Pilates equipment sessions. Class sizes tend to be smaller during the Green Season, giving you an ideal opportunity to focus your attention on your health and wellness.

This is also the ideal time to indulge in a spa vacation.  Our Spa Bambu was recently named One of the World’s Most Healing Spas.  Indeed, we offer a full menu of services for restoration, relaxation, and healing.  Complement your yoga and Pilates practice with healing and restorative Spa Bambu treatments.

stretch yoga relaxation florblanca 1024x477 What Makes Costa Rica So Spectacular in the Green Season?  Here are our Top 5 Reasons.

4. Relaxation

Use the rain as the perfect excuse to relax in your private villa and read a good book, catch up on your writing, take a siesta, or dive into a hobby you’ve been wanting to pursue. While we have so many adventurous activities for you to enjoy here at Florblanca, sometimes you need to take some time to completely relax. And our villas provide the perfect resting spot.hammock villa florblanca 1024x477 What Makes Costa Rica So Spectacular in the Green Season?  Here are our Top 5 Reasons.

5. Savings

Perhaps one of the best perks for visiting Florblanca during the Green Season is that you can save money on our special rates and enjoy unique travel packages, including Health & Wellness, Surf & Yoga, Love & Romance, and Family Fun packages. We love to pamper all our guests and we especially love the extra attention we can give our guests who visit during the Green Season. Take advantage of our special rates and explore all that we have to offer.

Book now and enjoy 30% off in the month of September.

yellow longboard girl costa rica nose What Makes Costa Rica So Spectacular in the Green Season?  Here are our Top 5 Reasons.

Florblanca is an amazing place to visit any time of year, but the Green Season offers some unique advantages. We hope you can join us this season and enjoy some of the peace and tranquility of the Costa Rican rainforest at the peak of its beauty.


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Pilates Teacher Training at Florblanca

pilates teacher training 1024x768 Pilates Teacher Training at Florblanca

What a great way to spend 6 days in the Florblanca Pilates studio!

Florblanca Pilates Instructors, Jenny Speirs and Nadja Kolesnikoff, just completed a continuing education course on the Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel with Page Seiffert from Nosara Pilates.

Page led the group through a daily 6 hours of intense advanced exercises and teaching techniques that has left the girls buzzing with new insight and inspiration, as well as tired and sore muscles and brains!

Page is a one-of-a-kind Master Instructor who has a gift for teaching teachers.  With much gratitude and respect, thank you Page Seiffert!

Learn more about Pilates at Florblanca.

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Florblanca Celebrates Nicoya, Costa Rica Independence Day

Independence day Florblanca Celebrates Nicoya, Costa Rica Independence Day

Florblanca celebrated Independence Day on July 25th, the day that Nicoya officially became a part of Costa Rica.  For the occasion, our staff dressed in traditional clothing and we enjoyed authentic dishes served up by Nectar Restaurant.

Here is a quick history lesson outlining the independence of Central America from Spain and how the Nicoya Peninsula joined Costa Rica.

The Annexation of Nicoya
In 1821 when Central America declared its independence from Spain, the territories were divided into 5 Provinces: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. They banded together as the Federation of Central America. Nicoya was considered part of Nicaragua. However, Nicaragua was involved in many civil wars at the time and was somewhat hostile to the Nicoyans. Residents of Nicoya because of their location were closer with the Costa Rican cities of Puntarenas, Esparza, Bagaces and Cañas. Costa Rica was also stable politically and already had developed a trading relationship with Nicoya. Because of this close relationship, the Costa Rica government invited Nicoya to join their country. The Nicoyans agreed. As Costa Rica was not officially a republic at the time, legislatures presented a formal petition to the Federation of Central America. July 25th 1824, Nicoya officially became part of Costa Rica.‘Guanacastecos’ as the residents of this part of the country are known, take pride in being part of Costa Rica. Their motto is ‘de la patria por nuestra voluntad’, which translates to ‘part of this country by our own choice’.

This annexation by choice illustrates one of Costa Rica’s core values – democracy , also possess a deeper meaning and reinforce the following Costa Rican cultural ideals: the love of music and dance, courtship rites, gender roles, and their peace-loving attitude.

To commemorate this day, Florblanca served up “cafe chorreado” this morning as well as some dishes for lunch using traditional ingredients:

  • Shrimp chorreada: is a kind of typical corn pancake with sautéed shrimp
  • Chicken corn empanadas: served with black beans puree and cabbage salad

Happy Independence Day!

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Florblanca is a Favorite Destination of Einat Admony, New York Chef of Balaboosta

NYP Einat Admony Florblanca is a Favorite Destination of Einat Admony, New York Chef of Balaboosta

Einat Admony is an Israeli-born New York City Restauranteur, chef-owner of Balaboosta restaurant in Nolita,  Taim falafels in the West Village and Nolita, and Bar Bolonat on Hudson Street.  She is known for cooking up a contemporary spin on classic Israeli cuisine.  The New York Post recently did a “One the Road With…” feature with Einat Admony where she talks about some of her favorite foods, restaurants, and destinations around the world.  Here’s what she has to say about her favorite place to visit:

Costa Rica is one of my favorite places to visit. For me, it feels like heaven — with the nicest people, gorgeous beaches and the most beautiful jungle. I like to stay at Florblanca, a lovely eco-type resort on the Pacific.

We are so honored to have Einat as a frequent guest at Florblanca!  We are so appreciative of her love for our resort and are honored that she mentions us in this feature.  We can’t wait to have you back, Einat!

Read the full New York Post Feature here: Israeli chef shares her favorite spots to travel, dine  | New York Post

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Florblanca Vacation Chronicled in Popular Blog

Florblanca Pool Florblanca Vacation Chronicled in Popular Blog

Brian and Jamie were recent first-time guests at Florblanca and Jamie chronicled their experience in her popular blog, i suwannee. We love hearing Jamie’s account of their stay here in Costa Rica, which was actually their first visit to Central America.

Jamie explains why she chose Florblanca as their destination and references the Conde Nast Traveller feature with Florblanca listed as one of The World’s Best Spas (she also mentions our world class surfing as well as our yoga and Pilates studios):

We chose Florblanca because it’s in a surfing town, on a beach with renowned wave breaks up and down it, and it has an award-winning pilates/yoga studio and spa …  plus, their food was touted as extra-delicious, fresh and super-healthy.

Jamie and Brian were wonderful guests and took advantage of many of the amenities and activities we offer here at Florblanca.  Take a look at the photo journaling in her blog post to get a great idea of all the fun, adventurous, and relaxing experiences they had during their visit: i suwannee: costa rica and florblanca resort.

One of our favorite comments that Jamie makes in her blog is this one:

arriving at florblanca, we found our expectations exceeded.

That is always our goal for our guest experience and we are thrilled to get this kind of feedback.

Thank you so much to Brian and Jamie for choosing Florblanca and for the chance to read all about your travel adventures.

Read the full post here.

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Spa Bambu Is One of the World’s Most Healing Spas

Florblanca Resort – Spa Bambu from Florblanca Resort on Vimeo.

Healing Spas to Visit In Your Lifetime

Prevention Magazine recently came out with their list of “13 Healing Spas to Visit In Your Lifetime.”  Florblanca is honored that our own Spa Bambu was chosen among these elite spa destinations.  We are listed alongside Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, AZ and Lenox, MA as well as Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico and Ananda in the Himalayas among other world renowned spas.

Read the full feature here: World’s Most Healing Spas – Prevention.com

Spa Bambu

Spa Bambu at Florblanca offers full services for restoration, relaxation, and healing.  Enjoy  a massage, body scrub, facial, or waxing in our luxurious and masterfully designed spa sanctuary.  We offer a range of massage services including relaxation, Thai, and hot stone massages so that we can cater to your individual needs for healing and rejuvenation.

We are especially proud of the growing recognition for our Spa. It was custom designed by San Jose architect Jean Garnier and is a truly unique space. The whole structure is suspended over peaceful, waterfall filled pools and is shaded by natural flora.  Upon entering Spa Bambu, you’ll feel immediately at ease with naturally relaxing aromas and a peaceful connection with nature through open air spaces under bamboo canopies.

We welcome you to explore our spa services and to book a reservation at Florblanca for a healing spa vacation.

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Florblanca Yoga Master Stefano in Conde Nast Traveller

stefano allegri Florblanca Yoga Master Stefano in Conde Nast Traveller

Stefano Allegri, Yoga Master at Florblanca, is the subject of this month’s “The Experts” column in Conde Nast Traveller (June 2014).  The feature introduces Stefano this way:

What You Want: The best yoga instructor on the beach
Who You Need: Stefano Allegri at Florblanca in Costa Rica

The article details Stefano’s background and training in yoga. It also describes the experience of taking his class at the Florblanca dojo, an open air, seaside studio that is a centerpiece of our property.

See the full feature here.

Stefano is truly an “expert” and we are so proud to be able to offer our guests the experience of practicing with him.

Learn more about yoga at Florblanca as well as our Group Yoga Retreat.

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Surfline picks Florblanca as a Featured Resort

On June 8th, Surfline chose Florblanca Resort as the “Featured Resort” on the home page of their massively popular surf website.  Surfline is the leading site for surf weather reports, news, and surf cams around the world. They also posted about Florblanca on their Twitter feed and on their Facebook page which has 365,000 fans!

Surfline Facebook Post Surfline picks Florblanca as a Featured Resort


A huge thank you to Surfline for sharing their love of Florblanca Resort!  If you’re interested in booking a surf vacation, be sure to take a tour of our Surf House or explore our other villas.  We offer an intimate and luxurious Costa Rica oceanfront experience.

Read our reviews on TripAdvisor to hear what other guests have to say about their stay here.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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Take a Tour of the Surf House at Florblanca

Florblanca Resort – Surf House from Florblanca Resort on Vimeo.

Take a tour of the Surf House at Florblanca with Cody Dillon, our resort general manager, in the video above.

Florblanca’s Surf House was built and designed as a villa with a lower price point but set right in front of the ocean. It is ideal for guests who want to wake up and check the waves outside their front door everyday. Surf House guests are a mere few steps from the best break in Costa Rica at Suck Rock.

The villa consists of three rooms: the first room has two twin beds, the middle room has a king bed, and the third bedroom has two twins as well.  There is a small kitchenette, one bathroom, and a big terrace out front with two hammocks and one of the best ocean views you can imagine.

The Surf House is more of a rustic villa at Florblanca and it is perfect for a group, for a family with teenagers, or a surf trip.  It is a wonderful villa for people who want accommodations close to nature  and who want to be part of the Florblanca property with the Pacific Ocean right at the doorstep.

Learn more about the Surf House and Book your Reservation today!

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