Florblanca in the Spotlight

Florblanca in the Spotlight

Wedding guides, luxury travel sites, health and wellness magazines, travel blogs – these are just some of the publications that have their eye on Florblanca.  We are so proud to consistently be appearing in new articles and features in some very prominent and popular magazines and websites.  Here are a few of our recent appearances.  You can find a full list on our press page.

Inside Weddings Magazine

This upscale wedding magazine is committed to featuring real weddings in the pages of their magazine and online.  In a recent honeymoon and travel feature, the editors called on experts from Health and Fitness Travel to pick their favorite beach destinations for a healthy honeymoon. Florblanca was the pick for Costa Rica and cited for excellent surfing, horseback riding along the beach, and a spectacular Honeymoon House.

USA Today

This popular publication asked its local expert to choose Costa Rica’s 10 Best Spas.  We are so happy that our own Spa Bambu was chosen for this list.  She particularly loved the  giant private jaccuzi, the beautifully designed space, and the seven day a week access to the spa.

Jacada Travel

In The Explorer website, Jacada Travel named 8 Luxury Health Retreats for Total Rejuvenation.  Their criteria included destinations where “striving for your best in fitness and health feels like an indulgence.”  Florblanca is #3 on this exclusive list for actively promoting exploration and excursions in our natural environment as well as surfing, hiking, yoga, Pilates,Spa Bambu and our fresh, local fare at Nectar Restaurant.

Other recent press includes features from Maisons Créoles (a French travel magazine), Conde Nast Traveller, Expressen.se (Swedish news site), C Magazine Weddings, and many more.

We are so grateful for all the adventurous travelers who visit us and bask in our world of peace, luxury, and adventure.



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3 Day Pilates Workshop, Feb 2015

Pilates 3 Day Workshop, Feb 2015

Announcing a 3 DAY PILATES WORKSHOP at Florblanca Resort

Enjoy a Pilates Retreat at Florblanca with Amber Zuckswert, an international Pilates and vinyasa yoga instructor, professional contemporary dancer, and holistic nutritionist from San Francisco, CA.

REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/1y4wIE5

Details and Schedule:

Friday, February 6th: Evening 2 Hour Vitality Workshop:
Pilates Mat Beginning- Advanced modern flow designed to energize and invigorate the body, mind and spirit. Learn how to harness the power of the Pilates method to increase lung capacity and circulation, and move with grace and awareness. Practice the fundamental 8 principles of Pilates and learn how to utilize them in all of your other favorite activities. 3 to 5:30pm

Saturday, February 7th: Evening 2 Hour Longevity Workshop: Pilates Mat Begining-Advanced flow focused on precise alignment, breath, building core and stabilizing muscle group strength, overall joint mobility and balance. Designed for those eager to take their athletic performance to the next level by building a better foundation of support. Get your personal questions answered and remedy very common overuse or acute injuries. 3 to 5:30pm

Sunday, February 8th: Morning 2 Hour Release and Mobilize Workshop:
A Pilates mat and myofascial release workshop designed with tennis balls, foam rollers, and bands to open the body from head to toe. Feels like an hour long self massage targeting acupressure points all over the body. Perfect for weekend warriors and those looking to reduce pain and increase range of motion. Students walk away in bliss with a method they can utilize every day, for only a few minutes, to release tension and pain while improving performance and recovery time. 9-11am

All classes are broken down into level 1, 2, and 3 so students can decide how challenging they’d like the class. For those that want to push their limits they can stick with level 3 exercises throughout. All equipment provided.

3 Day Workshop Series Tuition: $195
(includes light snacks and refreshments)

Can’t make the entire weekend?
1 Day Drop-In Workshop: $70

Treat yourself to this luxury weekend of Pilates bliss by registering here: http://bit.ly/1y4wIE5

See our facility and learn more about Pilates at Florblanca.

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Fitness Retreat at Florblanca



Fit Retreat at Florblanca Resort

Coming this February 10-15, 2015, Retreat2Wellness is offering a Valentine’s “Fit Retreat” at Florblanca Resort.

Elaine Haffey of Retreat2Wellness is offering this healthy escape for fitness lovers featuring a 5-day program to energize and rejuvenate while exploring our beautiful region of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica and also enjoying all the amenities and luxuries of our resort.

The Valentine’s “Fit Retreat” includes:

Daily yoga and fitness sessions for all abilities. Classes include yoga for flexibility, yoga for balance, Valentine’s Day Heart Opening Yoga, core fitness, beach power walks and guided trail runs.

5 off-site activities to explore the region. Enjoy a surfing lesson, a Cabo Blanco rainforest hike, stand up paddle boarding in the Tambor Estuary, zip lining, and horseback riding.

3 daily meals prepared by a private chef including a special Valentine’s dinner. All meals are designed to promote healthy and mindful eating.

Daily smoothies blending natural and local fruits, nuts and herbs.

Daily free time to relax and enjoy all the luxuries of Florblanca Resort.

To learn more or to book a spot on this retreat, please visit Retreat2Wellness and contact Elaine Haffey.

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Florblanca Named Among “Coolest Places to Stay” in Costa Rica

Conde Nast Traveller, Coolest Places to Stay in Costa Rica

Conde Nast Traveller Magazine published a cover feature in their November 2014 issue titled Costa Rica’s New Groove: The Coolest Places to Stay in the Jungle and on the Beach.  Our beach town of Santa Teresa is one of these places and Florblanca is noted in the feature as the “beachfront beauty” who put it on the map when we opened 11 years ago.

Santa Teresa is a legendary hotspot for surfers and is a desired destination for its laid-back atmosphere and Pura Vida lifestyle.  The Conde Nast author gushes over Florblanca’s amenities – including an open-air Yoga shala and a fully equipped Pilates studio – as well as our full treatment Spa Bambu and our private, luxurious villas.

“There are daily ashtanga yoga classes full of strapping surf dudes in an open sided sala cooled by sea breezes, a fully-equipped Pilates studio upstairs, a lemon scented spa (try the coffee scrub), and villas with hammocks big enough for two, outdoor bathrooms with powerful showers and four poster beds.  Villa 1 has the best beach view but Villa 11, the honeymoon house, is gorgeous.”

Florblanca is honored to be named among the “Coolest Places to Stay” in Costa Rica.  Our staff, the work we put into our accommodations and amenities, and the care we put into each guest’s stay is what keeps us appearing in wonderful press and media features, and is also what keeps our guests coming back year after year.

Thank you to Conde Nast, thank you to our staff, and thank you to our guests who inspire us to have the best resort to offer along the beaches of Costa Rica.


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Nectar’s Chef Norman Indulges In the Tastes and Scents of Italy

Chef Norman's Trip to Italy

Our own Chef Norman spent some of Costa Rica’s green season traveling throughout Italy, taking in the sights, smells, and tastes of three influential Italian regions.  He was inspired to check in with us about his travels.  In his own words, here’s what he has to say (our best English translation to follow):


Sabores y Olores de Italia

observar frente la costa del Mar Jonico, en pleno Mediterraneo: un gelato de naranja con canela en pleno oto,o, saborear el gusto de un buen digestivo luego de cada comida; sentir los sabores de la Ciudad Eterna, vibrante y espectacular, Roma, esa Roma que te emerge en cada calle que cruzas y te cautiva el paladar en cada rincon; perderse entre los canales de “La Serenissima” y dejarse llevar en el tiempo….. tres regiones italianas… el paladar vuela…..


Tastes and Scents of Italy

Observed off the coast of the Ionian Sea in the Mediterranean: orange gelato with cinnamon in the autumn, or savoring the taste of a good digestive after a meal; feeling the flavors of the eternal city, vibrant and spectacular, Rome, that Rome will emerge in every street you cross and captivates the palate in every corner; lost in channel “La Serenissima” and drifting in time ….. three Italian regions … let your palate fly …..


We can’t wait to welcome Chef back and to see how he will treat us to his versions of this Italian inspiration.  You can read more about Nectar Restaurant here.


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Romance Blossoms at Florblanca Resort

We love to welcome guests to Florblanca who are here to celebrate a wedding, a honeymoon, an anniversary, or a couples getaway vacation.  The atmosphere at the resort is absolutely perfect for all things romance.  The private villas, gorgeous beaches, delicious food, and outstanding service create a world where your worries fall away and you are free to focus on the beauty of your relationship and of the world around you.

Florblanca Weddings

Florblanca destination weddings are gorgeous affairs where guests enjoy our amenities, participate in area adventures, and can revel in the couple’s celebration.  Brides and grooms who choose Florblanca for their wedding destination rejoice in the beauty of the area, the service of our staff, the amazing food we provide, and the overall joy of the day.  Learn more about Weddings at Florblanca here.

Florblanca Honeymoons

If you choose to have your wedding closer to home, then Florblanca becomes the perfect honeymoon destination.  Our resort is truly an oasis of luxury in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest.  We offer privacy and comfort in our Honeymoon House villa along with luxurious amenities including the world-renowned Spa Bambu.  It’s the perfect honeymoon getaway for relaxation, adventure, and indulgence.

C Magazine recommends Florblanca as the perfect honeymoon getaway in their C Weddings “What’s Hot” list for Fall 2014.

If you’re seeking a romantic escape, then contact us at Florblanca Resort to see how we can help you make this happen.


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Santa Teresa Named as One of the 10 Best Beaches of Costa Rica

Santa Teresa Sunset

Florblanca’s community of Santa Teresa is included as one of the 10 Best Beach Towns in Costa Rica by USA Today.  As part of the “10Best” Series in their Travel section, USA Today compiled a list of the 10Best: Beaches in Costa Rica.  Santa Teresa is noted for its “low key” atmosphere, absence of notorious high tides, and an abundance of beach activities, including surfing, SUP, and snorkeling.

Florblanca loves being situated in Santa Teresa and we work hard to give back to our community.  Our efforts towards sustainability directly affect and influence the community.  We are a key source of local jobs; we support local businesses, farmers, and fishermen; we are a member of the Costa Rica Blue Flag Ecological Program through our beach clean up events; we’re working to build a biogarden to address water shortages; and we support local schools and  groups through various campaigns.

We applaud our community for being recognized as one of the Best Beaches in Costa Rica.  We already know this is true and so do our guests!

Read the full article here: 10Best: Beaches in Costa Rica

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Interview with Jenny Speirs in La Revista Biobalance

Jenny Speirs Interview in Biobalance

We are so excited to have our very own Pilates Director, Jenny Speirs, featured in La Revista Biobalance, Costa Rica’s leading wellness publication.  In an interview for the publication, she was asked to tell us her favorite things about Pilates, how her practice fits in with her overall wellness routine, and her thoughts on mat classes versus equipment classes, among other topics.

Here is a translation of her interview from Spanish into English.  You can also learn more about Pilates at Florblanca here.

Jenny tell us a little about yourself, what brought you here?

Jenny: The first time I came to Florblanca was for a Yoga retreat almost 8 years ago. I met my husband when I was here. Initially we had a long distance relationship, but then I decided to come to Costa Rica. Now we have 2 children and I’m here.

Where were you before coming to Costa Rica?

I grew up in California, my Pilates studies were there. I have traveled a lot through Central America. Costa Rica is very different. California is more like a desert and here we have jungle and biodiversity.

What does Pilates means for you?

Pilates is a way of conditioning, it consists of a set of physical exercises specially designed to strengthen and tone the muscles. All the exercises are made so the abdomen is the center of your body, resulting in the strengthening and toning of the lumbar spine, which is the base of the spinal column.

The Pilates method means that the mind, body and spirit work as one.

What do you enjoy most about Pilates?

I love how it feels in my body. When I finish a Pilates session, I feel taller, longer, more toned. I do not feel heavy, rather I feel like floating.

The difference between this and other practices where you feel heavy is that Pilates makes you feel toned, it is a practice that anyone can perform, it’s for everyone.

How does Pilates play a role in your perception of conditioning?

I was a runner, practiced yoga and surfed in the summer, but I felt more powerful doing these exercises when I joined Pilates.

I feel better when I practice Pilates, but mostly I feel protected. With Pilates now I know how to protect myself, because I can feel it.

What do you think is better; practicing Pilates with the equipment or doing a Pilates mat class?

It is better to combine them, because they are very different. Pilates mat classes do not have anything that will help against gravity. This is why the equipment was created, to help people to be better at the mat class. So the best combination is to do both, the equipment supports you with the technique and the mat will push yourself to do a little more.

With respect to the equipment, was it easy to find it here in Costa Rica?

When I began to search on the computer, I had no idea where to start. But I found a girl in San Jose that sold me part of her equipment. Then I found someone who has a company that imports the best Pilates equipment including Multispa, and I ordered the equipment that was missing. Then it was a challenge to bring it from San Jose to Santa Teresa.

But, thanks to all that, Florblanca has one of the best Pilates equipment studios in Costa Rica. All this combined with the beauty of Santa Teresa and Florblanca, that is paradise.

Which factors do you consider important when planning your routine?

When I’m planning a private lesson, it will depend on each person and which factors influence each individual.

When it is a mat class, I always try to make a class that involves the whole body.

The most important reason I have my studio at Florblanca is because I want not only to promote Pilates locally, but also to promote it with all the people that visit us, including people from San Jose and other parts of Costa Rica. Then they can integrate a Pilates routine into their holiday and likewise integrate it to your life. People can plan a holiday without leaving out the fitness. They can focus on their body and also relax in this beautiful place.

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Benefit for RainCatcher Organization


Raincatcher Fundraiser

Florblanca recently donated a 4 night stay in one of our private villas for a live auction benefit with proceeds earned from the lot to go to RainCatcher, an organization dedicated to healing communities by providing clean water for children in the developing world using affordable and sustainable solutions.

While the lot is closed and that particular fundraiser is complete, it is always a good time to donate to RainCatcher.  They are working toward a critical mission in our world today.  Good health, nutrition, development of the brain and body, and peace among people is impossible without clean water.

We appreciate all the work RainCatcher is doing and hope that our contribution helped make a difference.

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Working with the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper

Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper

Florblanca has teamed up with the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper organization to help preserve and restore our land and marine resources here in Playa Santa Teresa.  Our efforts with the Waterkeeper are in keeping with our Community Outreach and Development work through our Sustainability program.

We recently joined the Waterkeeper and local Mal Pais school children on a project to reforest the riverbanks.  Our Sustainability Director, Maricel Segura, joined the group and worked on planting trees and vegetation along the rivers. Together with the Costa Rica Blue Flag Ecological Program, we are all working towards protecting and sustaining our beaches and our land so that we can enjoy them today and in the years to come.

We are so excited to have the Waterkeepers right here in Santa Teresa!  This is a wonderful opportunity for our community and a powerful way for Florblanca to continue moving towards sustainability and ecotourism in Costa Rica.

Learn more about the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper.

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