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Florblanca Sustainability

Recycling and Waste Management Program

We are aware that pollution is one of the main threats to our environment and to our society; therefore, we have decided not only to implement large efforts in the waste management program at Florblanca, but also to be promoters of this program in our community.

Clean Up

We clean our beach in front of the hotel daily and contribute with economical support in the weekly cleanup program of Playa Hermosa.

Blue Flag Program

We have a very thorough recycling program in the hotel. At playa Santa Teresa and the surrounding beaches we work with the Blue Flag program and the Environmental Committee to keep all beaches clean and pristine.


We recycle our organic waste through traditional and worm composting. Occasionally pig breeders of our community will take advantage of our "left overs" to feed their animals.

Community Recycling

The Municipality of Cobano collects recyclables from the community (glass, aluminum, plastic bottles, tetra packs and brass). Two times a week they send the recyclable items to different companies in the capital of San Jose.

Paper Recycling

Florblanca office paper is reused for projects and/or internal use. All of our paper is non-bleached recycled paper.

UV Lamps for Purified Water

Auto Analysis

Recycling and Waste Management

Conservation Resources

Interaction with Community

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