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Florblanca Sustainability

We strive to conserve as much of our resources as possible, and encourage our guests to do so as well. Here are some of the ways we're working towards constant resource conservation:

Natural Light

All villas offer an infrastructure that invites natural light into the restaurant and villas.Solar tube technology was installed on many office roofs to lighten the spaces with natural light.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs and equipment are used throughout the entire property.

Eco Friendly Air Conditioning Equipment

New efficient and eco-friendly A/C equipment at the resort is constantly being upgraded. We also have door devices to diminish the consumption of energy from the A/C on the rooms and offices.

Conservation Awareness

We have messages and friendly reminders throughout the hotel to create awareness of light and water conservation for both our staff and our guests. And, we have dimmers in many rooms to manage different light intensities.

Linens and Towel Conservation

We give the option to all of our guests regarding changing the linens and towels every three days rather than daily in the villas.

Water Conservation

We have special devices to diminish water use in every toilet.

Our kitchen faucets have certain pressure regulators to reduce water consumption.

The process of constructing a waste water treatment plant for the hotel is about to be completed; meanwhile we have built a bio-filter to treat the residual waters from the kitchen.

Electric Cars

We use electric cars to transport laundry and merchandise.

Natural Resources

With a long list of excursions, we always encourage our clients to visit the National Park Cabo Blanco, the Wildlife Reserve Ario-Caletas and the Curu Natural Reserve.

We have supported the Blue Flag "Bandera Azul Ecological Program" for Santa Teresa and Hermosa Beach through our participation on the Environmental Commission of Malpais-Carmen-Santa Teresa-Hermosa (

Turtle Nesting

Our security guard, located at the beach entrance of the hotel, has instructions on how to protect the turtle nests.

Grounds lights are installed taking into consideration turtle nesting and wildlife.

Natural Drainage

A system of natural drains constructed of rock manages rainwater run off on the property.

Eco-Friendly Grounds Tour

Trees and palms on our property are properly named for a self-guided tour.

Biodegradable Cleaning & Packaging

We are using biodegradable cleaning products and reusable containers for soap, shampoo and rinse throughout the hotel.

The packaging of "to go" food in the restaurant is made with biodegradable containers.

Auto Analysis

Recycling and Waste Management

Conservation Resources

Interaction with Community

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