Environment and Wildlife


Environment and Wildlife


Environment and Wildlife

Environment and Wildlife

Environment and Wildlife


Florblanca Sustainability

Environment and Wildlife

Our resort is woven into the lush rainforests, ocean beaches, and tropical jungles of Playa Santa Teresa. We have the utmost respect for our surroundings and have taken measures to ensure the preservation of the environment and wildlife surrounding Florblanca. Here are some of the actions we have taken in order to reach that goal:

Plants, Trees and Animals - We have a diverse collection of plants and trees in our Florblanca gardens, including a large number of native species, thus promoting the natural habitat of many animals, including monkeys, birds, insects, amphibians, and mammals.

Biodegradable Treatments - All fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides for the maintenance of the green areas are organic and biodegradable.

Education - Trees and palms in our property are properly named for a self-guided tour.

No Feeding the Animals - We prohibit feeding the animals on the grounds of Florblanca on the basis that it could disrupt their habits and health.

Help for Injured Wildlife - With proper assessment, we offer our help if any injured animal is found.

Turtle Nesting - Year after year, we have had the privilege of watching turtles nesting around the property. Our security guards, located at the beach entrance of the hotel, and the staff have been trained on how to protect turtle nests.

Proper Lighting - Garden lights were installed taking into consideration turtle nesting and nocturnal wildlife.

Excursions and Exploration - With a long list of excursions, we always encourage our guests to visit the Cabo Blanco National Park, the Ario-Caletas Wildlife, and the Curu Natural Reserve.

Rain Water Management - A system of natural rock drains allows for rain water to run off on the property in order to avoid erosion and soil depletion.

In order to support the government initiative, we claim the following conservation statements:


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Environment and Wildlife

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