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Florblanca Sustainability

Understanding the patterns of our behavior, the way we do business, and how our actions affect our environment has become a fundamental roll of the sustainability process. We can only be a truly sustainable hotel with solid data and accurate information. For this reason, we are evaluated through the most serious certification program for Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica, referred to as the CST (

Here are the steps we take to help analyze our patterns and behavior to ensure our efforts for sustainability are being met:


We measure our water and energy consumption. At Florblanca, we take detailed data daily of the amount of waste we are creating including analyzing each month our waste of water.

Electrical Equipment

We enlist data on all the electric equipment, their working schedule and the maintenance on it. We continue to analyze and implement better emergency plans.


Continually training our employees is of high priority for Florblanca.

Guest Feedback

We take into consideration each comment from our clients, and try to implement their ideas with regard to sustainable tourism.

Auto Analysis

Recycling and Waste Management

Conservation Resources

Interaction with Community

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