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Florblanca Sustainability

Understanding the patterns of our behavior, the way we do business, and how our actions affect our environment has become a fundamental roll of the sustainability process. We can only be a truly sustainable hotel if we have solid data and accurate information. For this reason, we are evaluated through the most strict certification program for Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica, known as the CST (

Here are the steps we take to help analyze our patterns and behavior to ensure our efforts towards sustainability are being met:

Responsible Waste Management

We have a Solid Waste Management Plan as established by the Law for Integrated Waste Management in Costa Rica,

We actively participate and promote the recycling program of the Local Municipality, which allows us to adequately dispose of the majority of our recyclables.

Our organic wastes are used in the production of compost and vermicompost, which is used to enrich the soil of our gardens.

The oil used in the kitchen is collected by a local transportation company that produces its own fuel for it vehicles.

We reuse office paper produced in the administrative areas, using both sides. We minimize printing documents by communicating between departments through technologies such as smart phones and the internal data base available to workers.

Rechargeable batteries are used in devices that need them, thus avoiding the use of disposable.


Daily at Florblanca, we take detailed data on the amount of resources used. We analyze and study the monthly use of water and electricity, being able to achieve in recent years, a reduction in consumption of at least 30%

UV lamps were installed to purify the water at Florblanca. With this system, all taps (including sinks and showers) have clean drinking water.

The Bio-filter installed in front of the restaurant allows us to process and clean all wastewater operation of the Restaurant, this being 25% of the total consumption of the Hotel.

In 2012 the second stage of the System of Treatment Wastewater was implemented, through biological filtration, which processes 50% of our wastewater. We hope to continue with a third stage to enable the processing of the remaining 25%.

The new irrigation system allows us to reuse the treated water in our gardens, thus avoiding the use of drinking water in landscaping.

We have special devices to reduce water use in every bathroom.

Our kitchen faucets have pressure regulators to reduce water consumption.

We encourage our guests and visitors to cooperate with the proper use of resources through our internal campaign signs in villas and common areas.


All villas and our restaurant offer an infrastructure that invites to enjoy the natural light.

Solatube technology was installed on many office roofs to lighten the spaces with natural light.

In addition we have solar heaters in places of higher consumption as is the case of Laundry and Kitchen.

Bulbs and energy efficient equipment is used throughout the property. We have dimmers in many rooms to manage different light intensities.

New efficient and eco-friendly A/C equipment have been installed at the resort and they are constantly being upgraded. We also have door devices to reduce the consumption of energy from the A/C in rooms and offices.

Environment and Wildlife

We have an inventory of plants and trees in our gardens, which have a large number of native species, thus promoting the natural habitat of many animals, including monkeys, birds, insects, amphibians, mammals, etc.

All inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides for the maintenance of the green areas are organic and biodegradable

Trees and palms in our property are properly named for a self-guided tour.

In Florblanca we prohibit feeding the animals, since it could disrupt their habits and health .

With the proper assessment, we offer our help if any injured animal is found.

Year after year we have had the privilege of watching turtles nesting in the property. Our security guards, located at the beach entrance of the hotel and the staff, have been trained on how to protect turtle nests.

The garden lights were installed taking into consideration turtle nesting and nocturnal wildlife.

With a long list of excursions, we always encourage our guests to visit the Cabo Blanco National Park, the Ario-Caletas Wildlife, and the Curu Natural Reserve.

A system of natural rock drains allows for rain water to run off on the property in order to avoid erosion and soil depletion.


Responsible Use of Resources

Environment and Wildlife

Education and Accessibility


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