Casado: A Food Tradition in Costa Rica


If you have traveled through Costa Rica, you very well know that a casado is way of  local life in this beautiful country, and will have you craving more of those fried plantains when you return home!

A casado, meaning marriage, is just that.  It is a typical dish offering a variety of tastes piled up on one over-flowing plate of bright colors and delicious flavors.  Casados are always offered at sodas (a local restaurant). This authentic plate generally has a good sized portion of white rice, black beans, and salad.  At Nectar, our salad is fresh cabbage, thinly sliced carrots, red onions, and cilantro all tossed in lime juice.  The casado is also  accompanied with corn tortillas and carmalized plantains.  A plantain is a  tropical and more firm banana that it typically eaten cooked and not raw.  The corn tortillas at Nectar are made by hand each day, and we grill them lightly giving  them a warm and smoky taste.  A casado always comes with your choice of chicken, vegetarian or the catch of the day. 

For the seafood lovers, don’t miss our casado served with a nice portion of seared mahi mahi, seabass or grouper.  Our fish option changes daily based on what the fishermen reel in.  Our casados are finished off with sliced avocado, tomato, and fried cheese from the region of Turrialba.

Traditional Costa Rican Casado

A casado is a delicious food tradition in Costa Rica, and a plate made with passion from our  local chefs at Nectar.  Buen Provecho!

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  2. why is it called a casado?

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